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Mission Statement


Arena Stage’s vision is to galvanize the transformative power of theater to understand who we are as Americans.


Arena Stage is alive as a center for American Theater in our nation’s capital with productions, diverse and innovative works from around the country and the nurturing of new plays. Our focus is on American artists. We produce and present all that is passionate, exuberant, profound, deep and dangerous in the American spirit. We explore issues from the past, present and future that reflect America’s diversity and challenges. These are voiced through the productions we create, the work we develop, the presentations that move beyond our stages, and community and education programs that engage artists, students and audiences.


  • Create a work culture that reflects and borrows from the culture of the rehearsal hall which values experimentation and collaboration
  • Pursue excellence in all aspects of our endeavor
  • Flourish by building a healthy, dynamic and powerful artistic community
  • Create and steward financial resources to enable a vital Arena Stage
  • Champion diversity throughout the organization and within the community
  • Strive to instill in the public life‐long love and participation in the theater arts
  • Serve artists; the national, regional, and local communities; and theater through effective partnerships and collaboration at the most sophisticated and professional levels
  • Cultivate an engaged, diverse, and responsive board, staff, audience and community
  • Pursue programs of education and other activities that engage and give back to the local community

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