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Is Camp Arena Stage only a theater camp?

Not at all!  Camp Arena Stage is a multi-arts camp. We offer activities in visual arts, music, dance, media, writing and theater. You might only take theater activities or only visual arts activities or a mix of everything.  That is up to you! You’ll have many exciting activities to choose from in creating your schedule.

What do I do when I get to camp?

The day begins in your small group. Your small group is like your homeroom – they will probably become some of your closest friends at camp. One counselor will be your group leader throughout the camp session, who will be a living home base just for you. This counselor will be there to check you in and take attendance in the morning, answer your questions throughout the day, and check in with you at the end of the day. There will also be a bin for you to drop off your well-marked lunch. 

How will I know where to go?

Camp takes place in four nearby buildings, and the grounds outside them, on the Georgetown Visitation campus. Campers change activities at the same time, walking to their next activity. It is like changing classes in high school. On the first day of camp, we’ll all take a tour of the grounds. We clearly mark the activity rooms and make sure you know where you’re going. If you get lost – just ask any staff member.

What will we do?

The short answer: a lot – most of it artistic, some of it not. For more details, check out our Daily Schedule & Activities.

What if I don't like an activity?

You were so sure in April that Digital Photo Essay was the thing to study, but now Clowning sounds really cool. Within reason and if class size allows, you can switch into a different Daily in the first three days. After that though, there you stay. We do our best to honor Daily choices, but we can’t always promise you’ll get every activity you wanted. While we won’t place you in a random activity, we might place you in your second or third choices. We want camp to be the best experience possible for you and are certain that it will be no matter what activities you take. Who knows? A Daily you were uncertain about might be your favorite one by the end of camp.

My best friend is coming to Camp Arena Stage too. Can we have the exact same schedule?

Yes! You can also be part of the same small group. Be sure both you and your friend note this request on your course selection form.  If there is an activity that you really want to take regardless of whether your friend can get into it too, let us know that too.  Keep in mind also that camp is a great opportunity to meet new people from different places.

Who are those little kids? Who are those old kids?

The age range at Camp Arena Stage is 8 to 15.  Activities are usually grouped by ages 8-12 or 12-15.  So you take activities with people close in age.  Small groups are made up of campers entering the same grade.  There will be many campers that are the same age as you and that’s who you will spend most of your time with. We make sure that the classes and activities are meant for each age – we do our best to make sure you do not feel too old or too young to be at camp.  You will be challenged and you will also have fun.

Who are these people?

This is a big question that everyone has.  Here’s the answer to what I really think you’re asking:  You will like the people and they will like you. There will be people at camp your age.  There will be both boys and girls.  We will all be from different schools and neighborhoods in DC, Maryland and Virginia – even other parts of the world.  Some people will have been at camp before and others will be new.

The most important thing to us at Camp Arena Stage is community. You are going to spend your time at camp with people – adults and young people – that love the arts just as much as you do.  That is the perfect foundation for a supportive, fun, creative, amazing community.

You belong here.

Where do I go if I have a problem?

Any staff member will be happy to help you. Really. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget, you have a group leader who is looking out for you especially.

Where will we eat?

Mostly we’ll eat outside. The campus has nice lawns, hills, gliders and patios where we can spread out. If it’s raining or beastly hot, we’ll eat inside.  At the beginning, we eat in our small groups so people can get to know one another, but as camp goes on, you can eat with any of your friends.

What if it rains?

We will have camp as usual, but indoors. Please dress for the weather and/or bring an umbrella, as you will still have to walk outside to change activities.

Will I have a chance to perform?

Our daily Noontime Show is the big opportunity to perform.  Dance, music and acting classes often perform and it is not unusual for writers or visual arts classes to share their work on stage. You can also sign up to present an act you’ve rehearsed at home or collaborate with friends at camp to create a performance. Your family and friends can come to the Noontime Show to watch you perform.

Do I have to perform?

No one will force you to get on stage, but we do encourage you to stretch yourself. You may surprise yourself and discover you enjoy being on stage. We think you’ll find camp is the perfect environment to take risks. We hear over and over again from campers that it is the most safe, supportive audience ever.

Can I bring my i-pod, laptop, cell phone, etc.?

Please don’t.  They are easy to lose and distracting.  An important part of art is being present and in the moment.  Plugging yourself in, texting, and all that keeps you from being fully present.  Plus it can be rude. If you need to have a phone (because you take the bus for example), have your parents talk to us and we’ll work it out.  Just like at school, we shouldn’t see personal electronics at all during the day.  We’ve got other things to do.

What if I am too old to be a camper?

Camp Arena Stage employs a select group of rising high school juniors, seniors and recent graduates as counselors-in-training (CITs) and volunteers. CITs and volunteers undergo a full week of staff training and, during the camp session, assist in activities and serve as group leaders. Ideal candidates for these positions should be mature, responsible, energetic, and have arts interests and experience working with young people. Interested students should e-mail a letter of interest/introduction and résumé to . Interviews are conducted in early Spring.
If you are a rising high school sophomore, junior, senior or college freshman interested in musical theater, consider the Arena Stage Academy Musical Theater Training Company

“My favorite thing about Camp Arena Stage was seeing my old friends and meeting new ones. We all have something alike – our love of art – that helps us get along.”

Camper in disguise

Campers having fun

Camper crafting a work of art

Campers in dance class